King Preference

In putting together an exercise plan that actually works in our busy lives, preference is king.

Easing In is an approach to fitness and overall wellness that removes the obstacles to doing the good things we know we should be doing for our health and happiness.

The problem isn't the complexity of our lives, nor is it an issue of character, willpower, or self-discipline. The issue is how we think about, relate to, and experience exercise, eating, and wellness. READ ON. . .

I've worked as a massage therapist, fitness trainer, wellness and behavior-change coach, musician, and Fortune 500 HR and Operations executive. All of these endeavors have led me to where I am now: as an advocate and change agent for supporting consistent fitness and wellness habits.

I’m interested in helping relieve suffering, and in supporting health, happiness, and fulfillment of life mission and dreams. But I’ve found that, like there are gateway drugs, there are gateway healthy habits. READ ON. . .

Easing In Fitness

Change how you think about, relate to, and experience fitness such that obstacles fall away.

Introduction to Easing In Fitness

Key processess and concepts from the full course distilled down to 7 quick video lessons

Exercise Planning for Busy People

Create a personal exercise plan that accommodates your preferences and works in your complicated life.

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Seven questions. Immediate results.


The War Within

In the effort to make life changes we so often end up declaring war on ourselves. No one wins.

4 Steps to Your Plan

Follow 4 simples steps to make a personalized exercise plan that works in your life—no matter what.