Easing In Fitness

The course is for you if you know that your health, happiness, and overall well-being would be vastly improved if you engaged in regular exercise, but despite knowing that you’re still having a hard time getting started or sticking with a fitness plan.


1. The Challenge. The first step in solving a problem is precisely defining it.

2. Find Your Why. When the Why is clear, the How gets easy. Find your deep reason for taking very good care of yourself.

3. Change Your What. Most people who struggle to get started and to stick with a fitness plan have a definition of exercise itself that is not supportive of consistency. Change how you think about exercise.

4. Discover Your How. Learn the steps for identifying and removing the internal obstacles to doing what you know you should be doing for your good health.

5. Integration. Pull together the concepts and principles of the Easing In approach into an exercise plan that actually accommodates your preferences and real-life constraints. Create a plan that works for you, and not the other way around.

6. Programming. How to choose, organize, and schedule activities that make your plan a reality.

7. Practicalities. The nuts and bolts of consistency. The tips and tricks that Perpetual Exercisers know.

You will come out of these sessions with a completely different view of fitness and exercise that removes obstacles to getting started and sticking with ANY plan or program.

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Introduction to Easing In Fitness

At the request of my Easing In Lifestyle membership clients, I took the full Easing In Fitness Course, which has 19 videos and a 71-page book, and chopped it down to just its core processes and activities.

Gone are the stories, anecdotes, research studies, historical background, and my personal musings and reflections. (All of which are quite helpful to changing fitness mindset, by the way, but they died on the cutting room floor to serve efficiency.)

In other words, this version is a sprint, rather than a marathon.

It is all 7 lessons of the Easing In Fitness course—which reveal every concept and take you through the key mindset change activities—cut down to the essentials.

This is a great place to start on your Easing In wellness journey. If you find you want more information and support, the full Easing In Fitness course and the Easing In Lifestyle membership options are available to you.

Exercise Planning for Busy People

The vast majority of people I interviewed and polled while researching the Easing In Fitness approach, as well as clients I have worked with as a personal trainer and wellness coach, have said their #1 obstacle to regular exercise is time.

We know we need regular exercise. It's as close to a magic pill as we've got for increasing health, energy, vitality, and disease prevention. We KNOW this, but we're busy. We're just too busy.

We don't struggle to get started and to stick with a fitness plan because we're sitting around. We struggle because we have conflicting important priorities, many relationships and activities, and only 24 hours in a day.

Discover an approach to exercise planning and scheduling that accommodates your preferences and that works in your impossibly busy life. When you complete these 3 modules you will have an exercise plan that actually works for you, rather than you having to work your plan.

Easing In Lifestyle Membership

I am creating a worldwide network of people who support each other in ending the fight to get fit. I invite you to engage with our community if you wish to find ease and effortlessness in a lifestyle of health and wellness. Membership includes "Golden Ticket" access to all of my training materials and resources:

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