Easing In is an approach to fitness and wellness that removes the obstacles to doing the good things we know we should be doing for our health and happiness.

The problem isn't the complexity of our lives, nor is it an issue of character, willpower, or self-discipline.

The issue is how we think about, relate to, and experience exercise, eating, and wellness.

We get to a certain place in our lives and see that our health and vitality are our most important assets. Without them we can’t be, do, have or enjoy what is most important to us.

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And we know that regular exercise and healthy eating are as close as we've got to a magic pill for improving health, wellness, disease prevention, and overall vitality. The benefits transform all aspects of our lives.

But despite knowing that, we still find it hard to get started and hard to stick with a fitness or wellness plan.

We can make another resolution, buy another treadmill, another exercise program, a new book or video, but once again, we just don't stick with it. We go through the same cycle of start and stop, of enthusiasm and frustration, that we’ve all gotten stuck in.

There is a group of people I call Perpetual Exercisers. They exercise pretty much every day with a sense of ease and effortlessness. Perpetual Exercisers do not have more willpower or self-discipline than those who struggle, nor are they more athletically inclined. Rather, they think about, relate to, and experience exercise differently.

That's the whole difference. They have had a mindset shift—a shift of perpective.

What I’ve found is a way to facilitate this shift reliably and consciously. I’ve also discovered how to teach an approach to exercise planning and eating that solves for all the obstacles and constraints that seem to get in our way of doing what we know is best for our health.

This approach I call Easing In doesn't require systems of motivation or reward, or elaborate tracking, or any self-discipline or enthusiasm whatsoever. Because when you change how you think about, relate to, and experience wellness activities, they become easy, fun, intrinsically rewarding, and completely natural.  And they fit perfectly into our complicated lives.